“We’re a generation of idiots… Smart phones and dumb people.”

I just saw a short video online, and WOW! This was an eye opener. Time to put the phone down:

Technology or Real Life?

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, and Instagram. Now, I’m on WordPress. Everywhere I go, I like to take a pic of where I am… And then I have to “check in” on Four Square, which is linked to my Twitter. I then will take a really cool pic and edit it. That will then be uploaded to Instagram, which is linked to my Twitter and Facebook. So what does that mean? Just a couple of minutes, maybe 7 minutes tops to get my captions perfect, right? NO!

I will constantly get notifications from all the social media apps. That leads to me being on the phone constantly. I never realized how much life is passing right by me. I’m too busy trying to show my “friends” what I’m doing and what I’m eating. Why so they care? If they do, I can tell them all about it later.

People are too busy putting their every move online, in hopes to get more “likes” than their last upload. I am guilty of this. I need to stop and smell the roses. I don’t want life passing by me. I want to actually be IN the moment, not just be there.


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